Monday, November 30, 2009

Teaser Tuesday!

It's that time again. Or almost that time. Here's my tease!

      snip! thanks for the comments, you're all incredible!

New England, I love you, but you're bringing me down

Could it stop down pouring for five minutes? Also, if the sun could stay up past four p.m. I'd appreciate it.

So, Teaser Tuesday is tomorrow (yayyy!) but before I post, I have a question.
Does everyone pull down their teases? If so, when and why?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Teaser Tuesday!

So, this is from my YA novel 365 Days Until I Disappear. I have no idea how much I'm suppose to summarize here without ruining the fact that this is a teaser but some information seems necessary!
At seventeen, Lindsay Hawkes thought she was on the other side of the acute lymphoblastic leukemia she’d been fighting since she was twelve, but it woke again just before the start of her senior year. With no hope for recovery, she plans to experience life the best she can with the help of her wild, loving best friend Angela. What she doesn’t expect is Angela’s cousin, Riley, moving to Salvation, Georgia, after losing his parents to a house fire, and derailing her well laid plans. He burrows his way beneath scar tissue and cancerous cells and into Lindsay's heart, opening her up to the one thing she didn’t want in her last year of life, vulnerability and a love she would have to leave behind.
There's more to it, a fantasy twist, but I'll leave it at that for this teaser. This bit is from when Lindsay's best friend demands a girl's night.

snip! Thanks so much for your comments guys!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Because I succumb easily to peer pressure

I must talk about the swine. If you go to college, it's everywhere; the actual sickness as well as the paranoia over it. I don't expect to get swine or to die from it and I'd love to walk across campus without hearing it mentioned or walk into a bathroom without signs decorating the walls advising you to stay home if you feel sick, as if college students can't figure that out.
On the upside, the absentee policy is no longer in use because they'd rather you miss class than come in and leave your snotty germs all over the desk.
On the downside, it's November in Boston which means the sun is down by 4:30 and it's 30 degrees out so there really is a lot of sickness going around and not a lot of politeness over the matter.
My advice, if you're sick don't come to class. If you can't miss class, cough into your hand, not the back of my neck. Thank you guy sitting behind me.

On a happier note, do you guys listen to music while you write? What about while you edit? I have to listen to music while I write but I need silence while I edit or I get too wrapped up in the emotions while I reread. How about you?

Teaser Tuesday

So, it's not Tuesday, obviously, so I won't be teasing though I've joined the Teaser Tuesday blogroll on absolutewrite.
Since I can't tease I'll be looking through everyone else's teases and getting newly excited about how great and caring this entire community is.
You guys are the most supportive crowd ever.
I'll be teasing next Tuesday!
Also, I got a great, sweet first reader. Thanks a million again!
Editing until then.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hi all/The Call

Hi all!
I always said I wouldn't do this, because really, what do I have to say that people want to read? But here I am.
After writing, editing, querying and nail biting, I received four full requests on my first twenty or so queries for my YA novel. Whoa.
I quickly sent them along without worrying too much about them, what ever happens, happens, right?
Checking my email via cell phone every fifteen minutes doesn't constitute as obsession, not at all.
Then I get an email from The Dream Agent, saying she went through two boxes of tissues reading my novel and asked to set up an appointment to call. My heart stops, my palms sweat and I nearly jump out of my skin. Since I'm at work I wait an excruciating two hours then send my reply, "of course, I'd love to speak with you!" while I secretly dance inside.
That's a Thursday so I wait until Monday (which feels like a year) then get the call that morning.
It doesn't quite go as planned.
She loves the novel, couldn't stop crying, loved all the family involvement, the love story and the way it was wrapped up, but. That's right, the epic BUT. But she wants some revisions, some structural edits, the intensity of the love story and the main character's situation seem to have made me lose track of the tension and flow. She suggests a first reader which I agree to even though I always skipped class on days we had to read our essays aloud.
I've asked around and am waiting to hear back so until then, I guess I'll be relieving my stress here while I deconstruct my novel piece by piece and shift chapters around until I no longer know which is up and which is down!