Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Swiping this survey from Karlie's blog, who stole it from someone else, who stole it from someone else, and so on and so forth and blah blah blah. Keep it going! I want to read your answers!!

1) What's the last thing you wrote? What's the first thing you wrote that you still have?

The last thing I completed was my gay boys. I mean, Veering Off the Straight and Narrow. It's about road tripping your way to a new life, with pit stops to come out to your family and add to Nate's ever growing shot glass collection.

The first thing I ever completed was called Brilliant Creatures, and it was bad. I will say no more. :)

2) Write poetry?

Oh god no. I don't even pretend to have the ability to write poetry.

3) Angsty poetry?

Just angsty novels! Hey, being a teenager is hard.

4) Favorite genre of writing?

Young adult and literary. Anything with grit. Anything that will make you cry. Anything that makes me cry while writing it. And occasionally the angst of falling for your straight best friend.

5) Most annoying character you've ever created?

Oh boy. Um. Probably Chris, Casey's older brother in Veering Off the Straight and Narrow. He's awesome and I love him to death, but he drives Casey insane.

6) Best plot you've ever created?

Christ. This is like choosing between children. Not that I have children. Or even really like children. I guess that makes this easier! 365 Days Until I Disappear, I think.

7) Coolest plot twist you've ever created?

Probably 365. You can probably figure out the ending Maybe my gay boys would be a better twist. Going home to their families does not go as you'd expect.

8) How often do you get writer's block?

Commonly but I like to plow right through it until I can pick the plot and voice up again. Then I just chop off whatever deadness came through the writer's block.

9)Write fan fiction?

No. But I am a huge supporter of Wincest and J2. And no. I don't feel bad about it. Not a little teeny tiny bit. Jensen and Jared shouldn't be so hot, then I wouldn't have this addiction.

10) Do you type or write by hand?

Type. You can barely read my college notes.

11) Do you save everything you write?

Back up, back up, back up.

12) Do you ever go back to an idea after you've abandoned it?

Not really. I probably abandoned it because it sucked. I'll frankenstein pieces from it though.

13)What's your favorite thing you've ever written?

Hmm. I love love love my gay boys. The schmoop. The love. The clothing. No, I'm j/k. I do love it though, probably because it's the last thing I wrote.

14) What's everyone's favorite story you've written?

I guess 365. That's the one that gets all the full requests. But my beta squees all over my gay boys on a regular basis.

15) Ever written a romance or an angsty teen drama?

Angsty teen drama is my life.

16) What's your favorite setting for your characters?

The car the boys are road tripping in during Veering Off the Straight and Narrow. It pretty much is home.

17) How many writing projects are you working on right now?

One. I have to force myself to. But one.

18) Have you won an award for your writing?

Hahahah Karlie I owe her a most inspiration beta award. Do I get a kickass beta award? Yes please.

19) What are your five favorite words?

Bleed. Devastation. Audible. Wrist. Fuck. - I write happy YA sometimes. I swear. Those are all from V.O.S.N actually.

20) What character have you created that is most like yourself?
Probably Lindsey from 365. Or Casey from V.O.S.N even though I'm not a boy. I'm a grumpy morning person, standoffish, and tend to hold all my feelings in until they explode from pressure.

21) Where do you get your ideas for your characters from?

No where, really. They just start speaking.

22) Do you ever write based on your dreams?

No. I have weird, creepy dreams that you'd never want to read.

23) Do you favor happy endings?

Not unless they're in my massage. Ahhaha I'm so funny. Really though, only sometimes. A happy ending is relative.

24) Are you concerned with spelling and grammar while you write?

Yes. Even though my beta finds my desert/dessert trouble hysterical. They don't correct this shit in college anymore! I'm sorry!

25) Does music help you write?

Absolutely. I can't write without it. My gay boys got lots of Matt Nathanson and Something Corporate while 365 got lots of DeathCab and Sia.

26) Quote something you've written. Whatever pops in your head.

“Excuse me?” It’s his pissed-off voice, as if he has any right to be angry as I bleed my heart out all over his shoes.

 Casey from Veering Off the Straight and Narrow.


Karla Nellenbach said...

hahaha! you really are funny! #23 made me LOL :)

of course, you get a Kick-Ass Beta award and also one I like to call "Live in the Now, Man" award for all your hard work keeping me in the present when you know how I enjoy past tense!!

Amna said...

you are too funny and adorable.

Anonymous said...

LOL I agree with Amna, you're funny.

I'm stealing this questionaire and posting it on my blog. *nods vehemently *