Thursday, December 10, 2009

Literary Crushes!

I'm so late on this, but that's okay! Here's my top ten literary crushes:

1. Charlie from Perks:

     Maybe I overuse Perks, but it's kind of made me the person I am today. And Charlie, ugh, Charlie. I don't crush on him in a want-to-take-you-to-bed way or even a want-to-date-you way. I crush on him maternally (and I'm not a maternal person.) I just want to hold him and keep him safe from all the ridiculously terrible things that have happened to him. If you've read Perks, you just want to awww every time he talks about how isolated he is and how hard he's trying to be normal.

2. Draco Malfoy:

    Everyone thinks I'm a bad person for this but come on. Everyone loves a bad boy. And a blonde. The fact that I'm blonde has nothing to do with this :] Don't worry, I love Ron too, and the Weasley twins. Mischeif is sexy people! But Draco's just dangerous and sexy, and he changes sides in the end so you can't hate him too much.

3. Dexter from Darkly Dreaming Dexter:
    Not just because Michael Hall is gorgeous. I guess I love flawed but well meaning murderers who wear sexy henleys and leather gloves.

4. Nick from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist:
    What can I say? I like my boys awkward.

5. Eric:

    I'm blurring literary and television lines here but come on, who wouldn't? I like my vampires bad, dangerous and blood thirsty instead of sparkly.

6. Cliche alert! Emmett Cullen:

    I know I'm contradicting myself from above but still. Swoon. I can't even explain without fangirling. So I'll just leave you with this

   As for Emmett in the books, I love the big brother protectiveness, the wise cracks and his undying *no pun intended* devotion to Rosalie even though she'd give him up for mortality.


Onto my literary girl crushes. Admit it, everyone has them.

7. Rosalie Cullen:
    Yeah, she can be selfish and I hated her in Breaking Dawn, but she's a fierce, fabulous bitch who knows what she wants. Alice is adorable too though and if I had to pick one as my best friend, it would be her.

8. Hermione Granger:

    She's smart and determined and makes girls who stay home to study feel good about themselves. She's loyal and focused and one of the only good girl role models out there.

9. To 180 completely, Blair Waldorf:
   If you've only seen the show but haven't read the books, you're getting a skewed version of her. In the books she's crazy, insecure, loving and, yes, a bitch. But you feel for her and kind of love her anyway.

10. Sookie Stackhouse:

    She makes those who are pale and blonde feel like it's pretty. She's got a cute southern accent and a little gap between her teeth. She isn't perfect. She comes from a working class family in the south and there's nothing particularly special about her. She's just like you and me. 

And now I must cheat in a million different ways.
11. Sam and Dean Winchester:
     Here's where I cheat. First of all, they're from TV, technically, and secondly, I must have both of them. If you've seen Supernatural you know that they've been leaning so hard on the fourth wall it's about to break. Who am I kidding, they barreled right through the fourth wall.
   For the five seasons we've watched Sam and Dean kicking baddies butts, some guy Chuck has been having dreams about them and writing them down. Not the Stephanie Meyer kind of dreams. The kind of dreams in which the boys get kicked around, slaughter monsters with rocksalt and shotguns, get their girlfriends burned alive, go to hell, come back from hell, sell their souls for each other and all around have a shitty, shitty life hunting nightmare things but look damn good doing it.
   So this Chuck guy publishes his dreams and on the show we get Becky the Fangirl. Who is essentially me and you. She's read these books, obsessed over them, imagined them, blogged about them and all around made them real in her head. Then she finds out they really exist and swoons, faints and does everything we would do if we found out one of the above 10 were real.

  My point? Have hope people, maybe your authors have been secretly dreaming about real folks all along and you just don't know it :) And maybe they look like this.  


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bloody hell...sam and dean are just far too lovely :)