Friday, December 4, 2009

Where I rant/monologue and get proven wrong

My betas know that I love to rant and monologue and blahblahblah forever. Their manuscripts are full of purple ink to prove this. I'm a supportive monologuer, I'll go on for paragraphs just trying to explain how much I love a scene, or even a sentence.
I do this in real life though, too. I recently ranted to my boyfriend about a magazine article talking about the dangers of texting and walking. I ranted about how there's no real danger in that, who can't multitask?
Then, last night, we were walking out of the Brand New concert and I flipped open my sidekick (which I despise) to check my texts while walking. I stepped off the curb and right in front of a car. Luckily I have a boyfriend that doesn't want a flattened girlfriend so he grabbed me by the arm and yanked me back to safety. Point being? None really, except that I can be proven wrong all the time.

And now I talk about writing.
I'm starting two new YA's and can't decide which to focus on because I can't get past chapter 4 on either. Does anyone else find the beginning the hardest or is the middle for you? What about the end? Once I get my story rolling I'm usually all set but sometimes the middle clogs up.
I have this awesome beta who preaches outlining though so I've written skeletons for both and it's really helping. Do you outline or are you a plunger?


Mortem Twins said...

LOL, ranting is awesome.

I definitely find the writing the beginning difficult. The middle comes easy once I've found my beginning, and imagined the end. And I have never pulled off anything without outlining it first. Usually, I just write what I think might happen, and then if the story goes another way, so be it :D

Amna said...

I find the beginning and ending easy. Its the middle that is my downfall. Which isn't such a good thing, lol.