Monday, March 29, 2010


I just finished up my male POV novel I've been teasing from, which is now called SINK, you know, for now. Until I get bored and change it again. Anyway. While I'm still focused on that, beta feedback, reading it for the billionth time, I'll tease from it probably once more. In the meantime, I've started this. I only have one page written, so I don't even want to tease from it. It's crazy rough and I might not even continue with it, but I want your opinions!

Also! Give me your best horror movie recs. The Blockbuster near my house is going out of business so boyfriend and I bought bunch of horror movies. Shooter (I know, not a horror movie, bf's choice), 28 Weeks Later, Paranormal Activity, Quarantine, and My Bloody Valentine (okay, it's an awful movie, but Jensen Ackles just brings the sexy and makes it tolerable.) Any other suggestions? We've got the world's biggest zombie collection in the apartment already, but we love gore!



Marilyn Almodovar said...

Oh I want to read more! this is a great concept. Love the whole thing with the tattoos and the places she's been to. *stalks Liz until she finishes writing this*

The Twinkies said...

Liz, you must keep me updated on this. This is really good!