Monday, March 8, 2010


 As I've been attacked by an evil virus that put me out of commission for a week, and I just switched to windows 7 (yay!), this has been moving super slowly. To the point that it's a little pathetic. At least I'm not sick anymore (knock on wood) so I can actually keep moving forward.
Oh, and, Hello Spring Break! Thanks for finally showing your face sunshine. NE has missed you.
This may also cause a delay in writing...if I'm lucky :)



Karla Nellenbach said...

Aww...sniff, sniff. This scene still gets me. Okay, now that you're not Sicky McSickerson, you must get back to work on this! LOL...I know, I know. I'm one to talk...maybe time for a beta pinky swear that we'll both get the lead out of our asses :)

Debra Driza said...

Aw, man, this is sad! Very touching, plus, some amazing descriptions in there! Also love the bit about the dirty uniform..what a great bit of characterization for the dead friend!

La-La-La-Laurie said...

That was heartbreaking. I love when the mc is looking at himself in the beginning. Great descriptions.

Marilyn Almodovar said...

Heartbreaking but wonderfully written! *gives cookie to Liz*

Annie McElfresh said...

My heart dropped a sad! Well written, and I heart it! Keep the awesomeness coming!

PS---Yes I am a supernatural fan girl...Dean and I are sceretly married.(Just don't tell my husband)HEHEHEHE
But good old Sammie is looking kinda hawt when he gets all evil. Rawrrrr LOL